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What is LED string light

1. In fact, LED light string is often called LED light belt. Its English name is led

Strip, the shape of this product is like a belt, plus the product's

The main original is led, so the name comes out. As for the light bar,

It is also estimated to take its shape, plus the original to form.

2、 Generally, LED lights with different colors have different luminous intensity

The unit is Med, or millicandela. The higher the value is, the higher the luminous intensity is,

That is, the brighter. This is an important index to evaluate the brightness of LED light, and the brightness requirements

The higher the price of the light belt, the more expensive it is. This is because the price of high brightness LED chips is too high,

And the higher the brightness, the more difficult the packaging.

3. The LED light is usually used for decoration, and the power is usually no more than 1W,

How much can you see on the specifications of your lighting. If it's 1W power, then even if there are 20 on your chandelier, you light up 50 small.

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